"Article Marketing Does Not Need To Be 
Difficult Or Expensive To Learn"


Re: The Article Marketing Profits Workshop

My name is Connie Ragen Green and I am an expert in article marketing. After writing more than 1,600 articles and teaching several hundred people how to write and market articles on the Internet, my Mastermind partners have finally convinced me to make this information available to the general public. This is your opportunity to learn information within just a few weeks that used to take months to consume, and cost hundreds of dollars.

I believe it is so important to have this knowledge that I want everyone to have the same tips, tricks, and secrets that many of us have known about for several years now. The truth is, you don't need to spend a small fortune to learn the ins and outs of article marketing. You can learn what you need in just a few weeks, or even less, giving you the time to implement what you learn and see results.

I have created a site where all of my teleseminars trainings, videos, and other resources will be at your fingertips whenever you need them. In my trainings I share:

How to write a 400-500 word article in about an hour

How to find the exact keyword phrases your target market is searching for on Google

Why your title should be long and contain just the right language

When to include information about yourself in an article

Where to submit your articles for the very best results

Start Writing Articles That Will
Bring You More Business

I've been teaching people how to start an online business since 2006. Article marketing has always been a huge part of the strategy I teach. You can now take advantage of everything my students and I have learned over the years about how to write an article that will bring you business!

During 2011 I reached 650,000 page views of my articles. This is a milestone I am very proud of. I have students who have had their articles read more than 100,000 times so far. This makes me even more proud. I was a classroom teacher for twenty years and love seeing my students succeed. Will you be my next success story?

Writing Articles Is Just The Beginning

Once you get started with article writing and marketing, I will teach you how to repurpose those articles into blog posts, short reports, and even eBooks. You will learn just how to do this so that your articles will be used over and over again in different formats that will reach even more prospects and clients for what you are doing online. You may end up like me, working exclusively on the Internet from my home computer, or from wherever in the world I may be, and building multiple streams of online income based on articles and other online writing.

Yes, Sign Me Up!

You Can Build An Internet Business With Articles

I also market for several small businesses, and article marketing makes it possible for these businesses to reach more prospects than they ever could with more traditional types of marketing. Now some of my students are writing articles for small businesses in their city or town. This is an excellent business, and it is also great for the economy.

You may have a family member or close friend who needs more business. You will learn how to write articles for them that will make the phone ring. After you've had some practice, you may want to work for other small businesses by writing articles that will get them on page one of Google for their keywords in the city where you live. This is very satisfying work, and many businesses are willing to pay you top dollar to help them get more business on a regular basis.

Article Marketing Is Perfect For Me

The best thing about this site is that there is NO MONTHLY FEE! That's right, for just $97 you will have access to all of my teleseminars, videos, and other training on how to write and market articles for a full 3 years. You may ask why I would offer this exclusive information at such a low price, while others charge so much more. The answer is actually very simple.

I teach online marketing to people from around the world. Article marketing is just a small part of my business. I believe this information should be accessible to everyone who wants to learn it to change their life. You should not have to attend weekly classes, watch endless videos, and read many eBooks. It's article writing and marketing, not rocket science! I want you to make money with your articles in a variety of ways now, not 6 months from now when you have listened, watched, and read more information than you could ever possibly need.

What About Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, article marketing is perfect for affiliate marketing. In fact, that's exactly how I made my first money on the Internet. I was writing articles about dog training and promoting an eBook on that topic. Someone read one of my articles and purchased the eBook after reading it. That way how I got started with my business.

I've come a long way since then, but I continue to write article regularly to promote a variety of affiliate products and services. When you learn my method of writing targeted articles, you will see how simple it is to promote most anything based on what you can write in about 300 words or so.

You can build an entire online business as an affiliate marketer, and writing articles is the way to know which products will be the best ones for you to promote. I'll teach you how to target the keyword phrases that will get your articles ranked highly on Google, sometimes on page one!

Yes, I Want To Be An Article Marketer

What If I Have Never Written Before?

I can definitely relate to that. I didn't write for more than 20 years after being told that my writing wasn't any good. When I decided to leave my teaching job and stop working in real estate in order to start an online business, I realized right away that I would need to write. All kinds of things went through my head, like what people would think if they read my articles on the Internet, what if no one read my articles, and what if I really was a terrible writer.
I decided to stop thinking like that and take a chance that I might actually be successful with article writing and marketing. Once I wrote a few articles and built up my confidence, I forgot all about those ‘what ifs'. Then I made my first sale, and I was on my way to building an online income based on my writing. If I can do it, you can do it, too.

Just to recap, here's what is included in this workshop:

3 years access to a member's only site based on article marketing

All of my teleseminars on article writing and marketing, as well as those on keyword research and marketing online

Ongoing access to my article writing and marketing training

Invitations to special webinar trainings, where you will be able to see my screen as I teach you exactly what to do to get the best results

Special resources just for my students, many of which are not available anywhere else through any other program

Remember, this is not a membership program with a monthly fee. You pay only $97 and have access to every area of this site for 3 full years. I know you may think I am a little crazy to make you an offer like this, but I want you to have the skills you need to be successful in your online business now – not months or years from now.

I am never going to create another product on article marketing, how to write articles, or anything else even remotely close to what I am offering here. Why? Because everything I do and teach that is related to writing and marketing articles online will be added to this site for your benefit.

That's right, the Article Marketing Profits Workshop member's area will contain all of the information you will ever need, even if article marketing changes drastically in the next year or two. I don't believe it will, but rest assured that I will constantly be seeking out the latest information to put you one or two steps of everyone else on the Internet when it comes to article marketing.

YES Connie, Sign Me Up For
The Article Marketing Profits Workshop

I understand that the total investment in only $97, with no monthly payments or additional fees.


P.S. You can have your first article published within about 72 hours. What are you waiting for? Let's get started.